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Mr. Geoffrey Perry cares for his wife and was visited at home by RCSS to ask what kind of support he felt he needed. He highlighted that he really could do with some help looking after the garden and doing the ironing Geoffrey now has access to the gardening service and I introduced him to a volunteer who supports him with the ironing.

I recently went 10 visit Mr. & Mrs Perry at home along with their volunteer, Joyce. I asked what he thought of the volunteer service and his reply was:

"It's a very good service which meets the carer at their particular point of need. Ironing filled up a lot of my time so the service has freed this time up for me. More importantly it has freed me of the worry and burden of having extra things to do and leaves me more time to care for my wife and to catch up with people via email, which is very important to me."

Geoffrey said he would definitely recommend the service to other people and that "It is like having another friend and another visitor to the home so it is something to look forward to."

Our volunteer, Joyce, was a carer herself when she came into contact with the RCSS. She was grateful for the support and felt she wanted to give something back.

When I asked Joyce what her thoughts were on our volunteer service she said.

"I think it is an excellent service and being a volunteer in somebody's home does take away some of the burden from the carer for the amount of time and allows them to have some time together without the worry that they should be doing other things."

I am happy that the carers' needs are being met. Volunteering is rewarding and it is nice to form a good relationship with the person you are volunteering for."

I asked Joyce what she would say to any other people interested in volunteering and she said "I'd say give it a go as you'll enjoy it!"

I would like to take this opportunity to thank Geoffrey, Jean and Joyce for kindly agreeing to spend some time with me. I am also sending a big thank you to all our volunteers as we greatly appreciate your support.


If you are inspired by volunteering and would like to get involved, please contact  Cathy O'Keeffe  on 020 8514 6251 or office@rcss.org.uk. I'd love to hear from you.

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